Tactics is an EDA (European Defence Agency) Cat. B research project and is funded by the Ministries of Defence of Norway, Poland, Italy, France, Finland and Germany.

The project aims for the definition and experimental demonstration of a Tactical Services Infrastructure (TSI) enabling tactical radio networks to participate in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) infrastructures and provide as well as consume services to and from the strategic domain independent of the user’s location. The TSI provides efficient information transport to and from the tactical domain, apply appropriate security mechanisms, and develop robust disruption - as well as delay-tolerant schemes. This includes the identification of essential services for providing both a basic (core) service infrastructure and enabling useful operational (functional) services at the application level.

The study

  • proposed the definition of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) compatible with the constraints of tactical radio networks,
  • suggested feasible ways of adapting services to the constraints of the tactical radio networks, and
  • demonstrated the capacity of a TSI to offer operational services with tactical radios.